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Energy-Efficient Water Filtration Systems

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Improve your water with water treatment systems from Choice Water Conditioning, LLC. We offer top-quality filtration systems at the most competitive prices.




Let us install our reverse osmosis system for the most thorough purification for your drinking water.  It is capable of filtering out 95% of water impurities and in some cases we are able to connect the reverse osmosis system to your fridge for ice and chilled water.
Installing our whole house carbon filtration system along with the water softener removes chlorine and some organics, polishes the taste of the water and protects the life of the resin in the softener. Since the carbon filter is installed before the water softener you will have filtered water at every faucet.


  • Better Business Bureau
  • Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce
  • Exclusive Central Texas Puritan Distributor
  • NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)
  • Angie's List

Who We Are

Choice Water Conditioning, LLC offers energy-saving water filtration systems in Pflugerville, Texas. With more than 20 years of experience, our family-owned business provides water treatment systems, which include reverse osmosis and whole house carbon filters. We pride ourselves in servicing a wide variety of makes and models. In addition to product offerings, our company also provides salt delivery and reminder calls for filter changes. If we compare apples to apples, you’ll see that we truly help you save money with our state of the art filtration and treatment systems.

We provide quality water filtration products and top notch service. We supply products to meet your needs. In this area, naturally occurring hard water is common. This can cause spots on dishes, glasses, and shower doors, as well as dry out your skin and cause soaps not to lather as well. Hard water also causes water using appliances to wear out faster. Our water softeners can provide the answer.

With our softeners

  • You won't need to use as much soaps and detergents
  • Your water heater will function more efficiently
  • Your water using appliances will be protected from hard water residue

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